Dear Friend With a Mental Illness,

You are enough. Don't let that voice in your head, whether it be metaphorical or literal, ever tell you that you're not. Do not let it convince you that you are a burden. You are not. Whether you are holding everything together and trying desperately not to fall apart, or have fallen apart and are trying to put the pieces back together. You are not damaged goods. You are a whole person because you are you. I know that the sadness, paranoia, anger, anxiety, psychosis, or whatever it is that is bothering you can be overwhelming. I know that you have bad days. That doesn't mean you've been defeated. I know that sometimes you feel like you need help. Never be afraid to ask for it.

I know that you are trying your hardest. Sometimes you don't, because it's too tiring, and that's OK. You don't owe me or anyone anything.Sometimes you cancel plans. I know that sometimes you don't have the energy to go out. That's OK, your health is more important to me. We can always reschedule. Sometimes you sleep a lot, and can't make yourself get out of bed. That's OK, I'm not angry at you for feeling tired. I know that you can't help it. Sometimes you can't sleep and feel too drained to do anything. It's alright, you don't have to push yourself beyond your limits. Sometimes the stress of your day can make you want to be alone, even though other people want to hang out. It's alright to tell them you're too tired, even if you mean you just can't handle being around people anymore today. I know that sometimes you come along just so you don't feel like a flake, but you're miserable the whole time. You don't have to. You don't have to force yourself to go to that party, or movie, or dinner just because you want to seem sociable. You don't have to give yourself anxiety to make others comfortable. I know that you can't turn off your mental illness just because you want to.

I know that it is tough. I'm living it too. I only hope that you find some peace. I know that sometimes there is no "getting better." I know that for some of us, there is only managing every day as it comes. Hopefully, you will be able to manage every day more easily and find some happiness, whatever it may be. I hope that you can access your medications easily. I hope that you can fall asleep more peacefully. I hope that you can afford your therapist appointments. I hope that

Remember: You are more than enough. You are not a burden. You are a person, and you are valuable. You are loved.