Hello there,

Let's flashback to freshman year. We knew of each other. We saw each other daily and exchanged pleasantries, but I was shy and you weren’t. We both had our own friend groups and had different personalities, majors and ideas of having fun. I don’t know how we came to be best friends, or exactly when, but I know while we were, we were great. You were my other half. You were my “person.”

While we were friends, I told you everything, more than a lot of other friends knew, and felt like you actually listened and cared. To be honest, we shared a lot of the same history, we just came about it and overcome our hardships in different ways. We had a friendship that knew no filters, which was a refreshing change.

While we were friends, you took me out of my comfort zone and helped me experience the fullness that life has to offer. You taught me that facing some fears could be fun and that saying yes to things I normally wouldn’t helped me become a person who loves life a little more. Yes, sometimes saying “yes” lead us to some bad decision making, but in the end, we had fun and knew the other would still be there in the end.

While we were friends, I met a lot of different people, and learned to care for others, even if they were different than me. Your friends became mine and mine yours. We were one big happy family. Somehow, that family didn’t make it through the hard times that we soon faced.

You quit caring. You starting hanging out with other people and choose not to include me. In the end, you left, even though you knew that was my biggest fear. You quit being my best friend. In the end, you made me fear the person you had become. I missed you for a while and even fought to keep you in my life, but you kept pushing me away. You tried anything and everything to hurt me, before I could hurt you.

But friendship meant more to me and I didn’t sweat the little stuff. I was there through the thick and thin, I cared when no one else did and I stood by your side, even when I might not have agreed with that you were doing. In the end, you won, at least that’s the way you see it. You hurt me and ended our friendship before I could “get you.” But you lost. You’ll be the one to miss having a friend that cared about and love you for you.

- The friend who fought to keep you