Ah yes, Disneyland and Disneyworld, the "Happiest Place(s) on Earth."

Well, you guys messed up big and made a lot of people pretty unhappy.

As many of you may or may not know, Disney Parks has recently issued a ban on all visible tattoos on any park property. You see, this is completely legal, as stupid as it may be. The Disney parks in California and Florida are both privately owned by the Disney corporation, so they can essentially do or say whatever they want to guests as long as they don't violate their rights as a human being.

Granted they did not violate the rights of any human being by saying that the tattoos can no longer be seen on or around Disney property, but that doesn't make this call any better. Disney is being what we call, and I mean this politely, a big corporation still run by old-fashioned-absolute morons.

In today's society, tattoos are very much more so publicly accepted. There are fathers and mothers who love their kids and will do anything to make them happy and comfortable. Disney needs to wake up and realize this. In fact, the CEO of the company has come out and blatantly stated that he doesn't like tattoos, which is totally OK. However, going as far as to ban those families and loving parents from the parks that their kids enjoy so much? That is just cruel.

Yes, I have tattoos. Yes, I very much enjoy the Disney parks, as I have went a few times with my family, and I am eagerly anticipating the new "Star Wars"-themed park. No, Disney will not receive mine or any other tattooed individual's support as long as this rule stands.

Wake up, Disney. It's 2016, we have tattoos, we are paying customers, and we are people too.