To my future little,

Words cannot express how excited I am to meet you. Whether it be through freshman orientation, recruitment or some bizarre, unforeseen circumstance, I promise that we will know when it clicks.

I want to welcome you into our family with open, loving arms as you adapt to this new transition in your life. Chances are, you're still getting used to college life, and pledging is an exhausting and time-consuming endeavor itself. Sometimes, the process can be overwhelming, and I vow to be here for you every step of the way.

As your big, I want to guide you in the right direction, but I will support you and your choices to the best of my ability. I only want the best for you in every regard.

I will strive to be the best mentor possible to you, as I was just in your shoes not overly long ago. I want to help you through all of life's obstacles, whether it be that silly boy that's been bugging you, or maybe you need a study buddy for your exam next week. No matter what it is, no matter the time, I will be there for you.

My big has helped me through a lot. She is a great counselor, friend, support system and late-night take-out accomplice. I promise to be all of that and then some for you, little one. I never had any biological sisters, so I vow to create a sense of family in our tree from the moment of your reveal and welcoming into our tree, to your initiation as a sister, to graduation and onward.

I don't want us to be the big and little who lose contact once our college careers come to a close. Big and little is a lifelong connection, as your big/little is the person with whom you typically develop the closest bond in your respective sisterhood.

I will look after you and serve as an older sister figure for you in your times of need, or even if you just need a Tuesday Starbucks buddy.

My Pinterest consists of a plethora of crafts and trinkets that I am simply dying to make for you. I've been shopping for you all summer, and I don't even know who you are yet! I look forward to meeting you in whatever way that we were destined to be brought together. I eagerly await the day of reveal, where you'll meet the rest of your crazy family. However, it'll be much more than the cute matching Ts from Etsy.

It will be the beginning of a beautiful bond and the start of many memories. Before you know it, you'll be the one anxiously awaiting to receive her little, and I am already so excited for you. Until then, let's just enjoy the ride.

(And just for your information, I've already thought of about five Instagram captions for reveal, hopefully I decide on one in time.)

Love always,