To My Best Friend, You've Changed My Life For The Better Since Day 1

Dear Best Friend,

Words can't explain how much you mean to me.

I remember being four years old, new and afraid in a school. Nobody wanted to talk to the new girl except for you. I remember us becoming best friends almost instantly. Who would've thought that our friendship would still exist seventeen years later?

We constantly fought as kids, and I remember our mothers being constantly annoyed with how much we would tattle tell on each other. But whenever it was time for us to leave, we would sob for hours, refusing.

I can remember us not being friends for some time after you and I moved to different schools; nothing major, we had just lost touch. For some reason, you never once left my mind. Every birthday party I had, I made my best to try to find you. It was a small town and I figured you wouldn't move, but eventually, I guess you did.

It was maybe years before we had contact with each other again. At first it was kind of weird, none of us knew exactly what to talk about, it was almost like we were tip toeing over our own words. However, once we did start talking, we suddenly had sixteen years of friendship to go over.

Ever since that day happened, my life changed for the better.

I know I tell you this all the time, but thank you.

Thank you for being there with me through thick and thin. Thank you for making me happy when I didn't think happiness existed. Thank you for believing in me when nobody else did.

You've broadened my life and introduced me to view things from a different point of view; you taught me to love differently and accept myself for who I am, even when I didn't.

Even now I'm still thanking you for spending countless hours on the phone with me while I cry about how much I miss home. You listen to my rants about how difficult college is, and you listen to my troubles. Not once do you ever question it or tell me I'm thinking too much of it.

You've made the biggest difference in my life, and I don't think I could ever thank you enough.

I hope you know that I'll never be like those other friends. I'll always stay by your side, through thick and thin, just like you have to me. I'll always support you with whatever you decide to do in life, and I'll always have your back.

Thank you for a wonderful seventeen years of friendship; I'm looking forward to many more with you.


Your Best Friend.

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