My dear, My love, My partner, My soulmate,

I don’t even know what to say anymore; there is nothing new to be said. We already know everything we could possibly know about another human being. I have memorized every idiosyncrasy, every curve in your face, every hand gesture and twitch. There is nothing left to learn, nothing left to explore and discover. We are completely comfortable with each other's company. It is a rare thing to be completely comfortable with someone, when you can piss with the door open and carry a conversation, when you hold their hair while they vomit well into the morning, when you don’t mind if they see you at your worst, when you can sit in idle silence and enjoy shutting the fuck up, without awkwardness. Most people will never understand our relationship, our unspoken language, the way I know exactly what you mean and feel with just a look, our inside jokes, our fucked up humor. It’s the best feeling in the world.

You are indeed my soulmate. People say that you have only one, but I think it is more like seven. You are one of them. Truly, you were put on Earth to save me, to keep me from making dumb choices, to keep me from losing myself. You complete me, more than any other can. You are the fluid to my Zippo. I know, so very cheesy, but so very true. You leave me speechless. You are just such an amazing person that I can barely believe you are my best friend, the person I will spend the rest of my life with, the person who chose me. I just love you and miss you.

Yours always.