Dear 8 a.m.,

I don't know how we became such great enemies. I remember people telling me that you weren't as bad as you sounded; that you were simply misunderstood. I trusted you from the start hoping that you would be a great way to start my day. I thought maybe, just maybe, you would get me up early and keep me on track with a healthy sleep schedule. I was very wrong.

Our first month together seemed ok. You were just another textbook and just another set of assignments. What I didn't realize is how aggressive you would soon become. How can you expect me to take a four-part test so early in the morning? How could you be so strict with your attendance that missing one day would impact my whole life? Why would you try to drain every ounce of life out of me in just one short class?

We could've been such great friends. I was willing to set my alarm, to be there for you even in the rain. That wasn't enough for you though was it? You wanted extensive essays, perfect homework, and active participation at the crack of dawn. I tried to drink enough coffee to get me through the toughest mornings but it just wasn't enough.

You have been a great experience. I hope I can learn from the time we have spent together this semester. I know I won't make the same mistakes again when the time comes to register for classes. I am moving on to later class times and never again will sit through an awful morning lecture with hardly any sleep. Thank you for showing me your true colors.


A tired college student.