Let The Countdown Begin

This is it. I've reached the point in the semester where I am *done*!

Don't get me wrong, I love my major and learning about all the fascinating aspects of psychology, but boy do I need a break.

*singing "Where are you Christmas?" in my head*

I already have so many exciting plans for Christmas break! The only thing is...there is a mountain of papers, projects, and exams in my way.

As a senior preparing for graduate school next fall, everything seems to be piling on at once. On top of the typical stress of classes, I have the task of filling out graduate school applications, amping up my resume, studying for the GRE, and writing a personal statement. *Whew*

I only thought I knew what senioritis was when I was a senior in high school. Experiencing senioritis in college is on a completely different level.

I am normally the person who saves Christmas music and movies until after Thanksgiving, but this year I need all the motivation I can get to propel me through the final month of the semester. Being surrounded by everything Christmas gives me hope that there is a light at the end of this tunnel!

Whenever I start to get overwhelmed by the deadlines and meetings, I can turn on "Jingle Bell Rock" and know that Christmas break is coming.

Although the cold weather can be dreary, to me it simply says, "Christmas break is coming."

Looking back, when I planned out my schedule for this semester, I was sure this one was gonna be more manageable than my stressful Spring semester. Yet, I forgot to account for all of the "future planning and preparing" that comes with being a senior.

Whenever I am walking across campus, it seems as though every person has the same look on their face. A look that says, "This week has been crazy. But so was last week, and next week will probably be even crazier. Omg. I can't do this." (Yes. All of that can be interpreted from one look.)

If you are someone who has adorned this disposition at this point in the semester, have no fear. We can get through this! We are in the home stretch...the last mile...the final round.

Okay. You get my point-we are almost finished guys!! Don't give up in the last mile of this marathon you've been running since you started school back in Kindergarten. Muster up all the strength you can find, and as Walt Disney said, "keep moving forward."

Now that you've had your pep-talk, get back out there and do great things!

20 days and counting!!

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