Stop Getting Offended, Let Santa Be Santa

So recently there was some "survey" that said Santa should be changed. Not just the color of his outfit but the whole wardrobe, his gender, and his transportation...

Like really? This has got to be a joke...

According to CBS News, they tweeted out that more than a quarter of people think Santa should be gender neutral, or female - but wait if he can't be male, why can he be female? Would that not offended someone?...

Said tweet that was referenced above. CBS New's Twitter


Another part of this says that he should get rid of the infamous sleigh and exchange it for a flying car... also loose the red and white suit that we associate him with and wear skinny jeans? Haha, he eats cookies at your houses!! He doesn't need to be fashionable. He needs to be comfy! Plus who would Santa be without his reindeer and sleigh and red and white suit?

People have got to get over being so sensitive to these types of things. So far this Christmas season, people have not only gotten offended by a fat happy man who brings you presents, but a song, Baby It's Cold Outside, that's been around for so many years, and a movie about a dang reindeer.

Let me ask again, Why? Like, are non-fictional things that offensive to you? What if I said I'm offended you want to change all of this?

I just don't understand, it's a tradition that has been around since 280 A.D. That is so long! Why are you trying to just completely change who he is and Christmas? Don't get me wrong, this holiday is not all about the presents and I'm not forgetting "the reason for the season," but don't take away the guy who kids are good for all year long, who brings a smile to people's faces, and has been around for two-thousand + years.

What's so offensive about a big jolly man who comes to see you when you've been good all year and gives you gifts? What's so offensive about a red and white suit that he wears? What's so offensive about him riding in a sleigh pulled by reindeer? I guess I'll never understand.

To my next topic, what's so offensive about a classic song, Baby It's Cold Outside? How is it sexist? How does it sound "rapey?"

Or how does Rudolph promote bullying? The poor reindeer was born with a red nose and stood out and instead of falling into depression he was awarded the top position on Santa's sleigh so he could get to your house by the light of the reindeer's nose.

I get that we live in a different world than it was 40 years ago, but let Santa be Santa, let the radio's play the song, and let your kids watch Rudolph and just be happy. Stop trying to find every little thing to be offended by and breathe and live your life where you don't feel like everything is out to get you.

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