A girl friend knows you on a different level. She has not just been there when you have cried, she has lived through the same situation. She is not just your person you text when something good happens, she is right there by your side. I have been through my fair share of boyfriend breakups, but they are nothing compared to girl friend break ups.

Here is the background story to how this article came into existence. To keep anonymity, let's called her "Claire." I played club soccer with Claire in seventh grade and we quickly became best friends. Then she moved into my neighborhood and we rode the middle school bus together every morning and afternoon. We had soccer practices at night three times a week and our parents would carpool us to and from practice together. There is already a strong bond between teammates, but we were also classmates and neighbors so we had an unbreakable bond. Or so I thought. We entered high school, but not together. She moved into a different school district, but we still played soccer together. Claire and I did not spend as much time together, but we still were best friends. During our sophomore year of high school our friendship ended over a boy.

We went two years without talking until one day Claire texted me out of the blue and we met up for lunch. After laughing about our boy miscommunication and catching up on everything from the past years, we became best friends again. Not the same relationship as before, but best friends nevertheless. Our friendship seemed to have a new feeling to it and I could not believe that we had gone years without speaking to each other. We stayed in our honeymoon stage for a couple months after her text.

Then one night everything fell apart and our breakup history came back. I felt the same way as I did the first time things went south. Miscommunication seemed to be our biggest downfall and we went out with a bang for good this time. I do not think Claire and I were meant to be best friends for life, but she was my go-to gal during our early teenage years. Even though there was a lot of hurt and anger that caused the break up, I would do anything for that girl. If she needed anything, I would be there. It has been three years since we stopped talking entirely and let me tell you, Claire has been my worst breakup.