1. Put me on: Tell me what's going on or what's up.

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"Wait I want to know. Put me on!"

2. Brick: Extremely cold...more like borderline freezing.

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"It's brick out here, yo!"

3. Fronting: When your friend is acting different for some reason (fake) or simply not telling the truth.

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"C'mon, why you fronting like that?"

4. Gully: An authentic product of the streets, a synonym for "gangsta".

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"Did you just see that move? Your friend is straight gully!"

5. Kicks: Sneakers, but like wavy ones that are the real deal (converse doesn't count).

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"Those kicks are fresh, no lie."

6. Wavy: Cool, lit...

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"It's bout to get wavy."

7. Mad: Used to describe extra emphasis, applies to the word that succeeds it.

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"Why you mad upset right now?"

8. Dead-ass: Being so serious.

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"Dead-ass, you right you right."

9. OD/odee: Really overdoing something, to the point where someone needs to step in.

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"You're being OD right now, man, just chill."

10. My hood: Home, the place that you consider yourself from and have allegiance to,—does not have to refer to a "bad" neighborhood as commonly perceived.

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"It's good to be home for the summer cause this here, this is my hood."