How to win graciously and live humbly.

You win some, you lose some, it's how you act when you do that shows your character. Whether you showed livestock or took still projects you learned how to do both.

Always have extra clothes.

You can keep them in your car, the camper or the show box, just make sure you have them. I promise, you'll need them eventually.

How to fair walk.

You know that quick and determined way you strut around the grounds before a show or the sale? That's the fair walk and normal bystanders just don't do it. They mosey along slowly and without purpose, which will drive you crazy.

You can sleep anywhere if you just believe.

On a hay bale, in a lawn chair, on top of the cooler outside of the barn or camper, if you fit, you can sleep.

Your parents actually might know a thing or two.

Remember all those times Dad told you to always make sure to keep a curry comb in your pocket on show day? Yeah, you'll only forget it once before you realize he was right.

How to market yourself and make connections.

Last names mean a lot at the county fair and in the world of livestock auctions. Make the right connections for yourself and you may find yourself in 10th place selling for nearly as high as the top three.

Procrastination is bad but manageable.

Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by your project books the night before they're due. It's a pain in the butt, but we still procrastinate every year even though we say we won't. But it is pretty cool when you take first or second after a long cram session.

How to play at least two different card games.

It's a universal thing. When fair comes around, you play cards. Euchre, rummy or ERS, you play cards. In the barn, in the camper or on the community picnic table, you play cards.


As a livestock exhibitor your animal was yours to feed, water, groom and keep taken well care of. This doesn't stop just because it's fair time. While there may have been things that seemed more fun to do your animals always came first.

PJ pants and boots are always in style.

Especially before the suns even shone and you're mucking stalls or feeding show stock.

It's the absolute best time of year.

It's busy, it's stressful and it always go by way too fast. There's no time of year better than that of the county fair.