17 Life Lessons You Learn By The Time You Turn The High School Tassel
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17 Life Lessons You Learn By The Time You Turn The High School Tassel

Just because your parents want you to be something like a doctor doesn't mean you have to.

17 Life Lessons You Learn By The Time You Turn The High School Tassel
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By the time I graduated high school, I learned a lot more from the outside world than I had from my textbooks.

Sure, I learned that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, but I learned more important things like how to cook from my grandma and how to change a tire from my uncle.

Among the many life lessons I have learned, here are some of the most important;

1. Watch what a person does

Actions speak louder than words

2. Be yourself

Being normal is boring!

3. Dogs are all around amazing creatures

Dogs make the best therapists, friends, pillows, etc.

4. Online friendships can be good

Not all friends you meet online are creepy old men

5. Always be kind

Be kind to everyone, no matter what

6. Books are everything

Books can be a great way to escape from reality

7. Family can be the worst

Family can be the most toxic at times. Just because they are a family member does not mean you have to associate with them

8. Mean girls are irrelevant

Those girls who made fun of you? They can't rely on mommy and daddy forever.

9. The world is a lot more beautiful than you think it is

Pay attention to the world around you. It's pretty breathtaking.

10. If you have a dream, go for it

If someone tells you that you can't do something, do it and do it better.

11. Love always overcomes hate

Love is more powerful than hate

12. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is key, but some people just don't deserve it!

13. Trust your gut

Always trust your gut feelings. Chances are you end up being right.

14. Mental health comes first

Whoever said that high school would be the best years of my life was the popular kid in high school.

16. It's OK to not know

Not knowing where you are going in life is OK. I still don't know.

17. Live your life how you want it

Just because your parents want you to be something like a doctor doesn't mean you have to. Go on, go for that theater degree.

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