4 Interesting Messages In 'Designated Survivor'

4 Unexpected Lessons 'Designated Survivor' Will Teach You Throughout The Series

He thoroughly listened to all of their opinions and suggestions, but at the end of the day, he made the decision that he felt was right.


My newest obsession on Netflix is "Designated Survivor." The show is about how the Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Tom Kirkman, who was named Designated Survivor, becomes the president of the United States of America after an attack on the Capitol the night of the State of Union.

President Kirkman faces a lot of obstacles in his new position. There are concerns about national security, family matters, international trade and so much more than he has to deal with. Through his journey as president of the United States, there are some life lessons that Kirkman exemplifies.

1. Let your values guide you

Becoming president was never on Kirkman's mind, and although he was in the cabinet for President Richmond, he tended to stay away from politics. When he moved into the White House, Kirkman realized how politics works and his values of honesty and truthfulness were questioned. But, he always let his values guide him in every decision he took and the end, the best outcome was always there.

2. When you have to make a decision, listen to everyone's opinions, but in the end, make your own

Inexperienced is a term that would accurately define Kirkman when it comes to his new position. Therefore, he needed to get advice and have discussions from his advisors and other experienced people in Washington. He thoroughly listened to all of their opinions and suggestions, but at the end of the day, he made the decision that he felt was right. The decision that reflected who he was.

3. Honesty does, in fact, get you far

Kirkman has always been an honest man, which is quite rare for someone in Washington. Even when his personal advisors give him alternate routes to help him and help better his reputation, he chooses to be honest. And his honestly, is what helps him connect to the citizens of the United States and makes him the man of people.

4. Believing in yourself is winning half the battle

Becoming the leader of the free world overnight is something no one anticipates, and Kirkman surely did not either. He had gotten fired from his position in the cabinet the day before and everyone had his doubts on him. People did not believe he could lead the country and thought he would be an easy target. However, Kirkman believed in himself, in serving the country, and helping the citizens. With that confidence, he was able to make decisions that improved, if not, solved the problems at hand.

The character of Tom Kirkman teaches a lot of life lessons. He teaches confidence, perseverance, and good, honest character. One can see the different dilemmas he has to face and how he approaches each one of them.

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