As of March 1st leprechaun sightings have been reported all around the U.S. Specialists are estimating that the leprechaun population has increased about 10% since last year which is an astonishing number considering their endangered status. We all remember when they were almost hunted to extinction 15 years ago when their natural predator, kids in search of lucky charms, hungered for those sweet delicious dreamy charms. It’s a shame that TV ad advocated for their extermination.

The recent population boom can only be attributed to the efforts of PETA to keep these beautiful creatures safe from harm. We wondered how they kept all these creatures safe and they had this to say.

“We hate violence against animals and can’t stand to see any creature harmed so we would find a leprechaun, track it, and then cattle prod any kid that got too close. We thought this would be the most humane way to protect these beautiful gifts of nature from poaching. Most people don’t understand that their charms are actually they’re eggs and by eating them you prevent future generations from spawning. We’re happy to say we’ve finally gotten those eggs out of stores as well and people can enjoy charmless lucky charms from now on.”

With leprechauns being sighted the number of rainbows has also increased. Be warned, if a leprechaun finds you at the end of their rainbow they will become extremely territorial and demonstrate their fangs. If you see this, don’t move any direction but backwards. Leprechauns have a leap range of 30ft and will tear your arm off. Exercise extreme caution.

Happy march everybody! If you see a leprechaun send a picture and use the hashtag #notmycharms