The newest and most anticipated "Code Geass" film, "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection" has officially landed in theaters in Japan on February 9th, 2019. For all "Code Geass" fans like me, it has been about eleven years from the anime show's end and I am really excited to hear about this film. This anime, "Code Geass" is part of my childhood alongside the other animes that I love such as "Inuyasha" and "Naruto." This anime portrays Lelouch Lamperouge, the main protagonist, who is unsatisfied in living in Britannia because of its violent ways and its evil ruler, Charles Vi Britannia, who is Lelouch's father. He wants to make Britannia a better place for him and his "blind" sister, Nunnally. Then, after he encounters a beautiful, green-haired immortal witch named C.C, who gives him a power called Geass, which allows Lelouch to control his opponent into obeying his command through eye contact. With this power, Lelouch becomes a kind of heroic figure to people's eyes called Zero. Afterwards, C.C and Lelouch become accomplices in taking over Britannia. Things become hectic for Lelouch when he also finds out that his childhood friend, Suzaku Kururugi works for Britannia. So with tears of joy, I am glad to see this anime again to be on screen. From looking at the trailers, I am happy to see the animation is as beautiful as ever. Therefore, from these trailers, I can give 5 things to look forward about this film:

1. The story shows the aftermath from the original anime, "Code Geass"

From the trailers, they say it takes place after one year from the original anime of "Code Geass" or "Code Geass R2," which is the second season of "Code Geass." This is after when Lelouch, with the help of C.C. and Suzaku, has accomplished taking over Britannia by becoming emperor and defeating his father which has resulted in everyone being fearful of him towards the end. Due to the people's fear, Lelouch decides to sacrifice himself which has finally made peace for everyone, including his sister, Nunnally. From this, Lelouch tells Suzaku to become Zero. Unfortunately, new villains have appeared in this film and attacked Zero, who is Suzaku now, and captures Nunnally who had just become part of the most important assets of ruling Britannia. What will happen?

2. The characters' comeback

The characters such as C.C., Suzaku, Nunnally, and Kallen are all back. All "Code Geass" fans want to know on what these characters have been up to since Lelouch's sacrifice. Especially now that there are villains coming towards them. How will they cope with this? Will they fight this villain? Will these characters see each other again and fight this new villain together?

3. The songs of the film to look forward to

From the trailers, I heard two new great songs. One of them is called Ko no Sekai De by Leo Ieiri. It is a humble melodic song that later becomes stronger when the action is shown in the trailers. This song for me, alludes the shocking events that are happening in the film which also gives the popping question of what will happen to our beloved "Code Geass" characters. In addition, the song that struck me the most is the song, Revive by Unione. This song is really uplifting in the trailer. This song also causes me to be awestruck when the strong chorus plays as the trailer begins with the close up of Lelouch Lamperouge being alive in the trailer. This is the point where all "Code Geass" fans are surprised and happy that Lelouch is still alive, especially that Nunnally needs to be saved. In other words, this is the song that is perfect to celebrate Lelouch Lamperouge's comeback, especially it's been about eleven years after the end of "Code Geass R2."

4. Lelouch is alive

Like mentioned before, Lelouch is alive! When I saw Lelouch Lamperouge in the trailer, I was jumping in joy. It is great seeing him again. How will the other characters react to this? How did Lelouch come back to life? From the trailer, one can see that Lelouch Lamperouge holds a geass mark on his collarbone. This means that Lelouch has gained immortality probably from defeating his father, who also has Geass. Then, this means Lelouch is immortal like C.C. What does this mean? Where has Lelouch been all this time? Can't wait to have these questions answered in the film.

5. C.C. and Lelouch

Yes, of course. I love shipping OTPS, especially from this anime, "Code Geass." When I have begun watching the anime a long time ago, I have been supporting the ship of Lelouch Lamperouge with C.C. They are known as the Prince and Witch or Accomplices couple of the anime. Lelouch and C.C have been together for a very long time in the original anime series. C.C is always understanding what Lelouch thinks while Lelouch is always demanding C.C to tell him her wish according to their contract. Lelouch and C.C genuinely care about each other especially when they discuss about their purpose in life and their future plans.

Now, from looking at the trailer of the film, one can see that C.C is reaching out to someone many times in the trailers and one can see her with tears coming out of her eyes. What kind of scene is this from the film, I wonder? I have a few more questions in regards to this film: how will C.C and Lelouch meet each other again? How will they react with each other? Will Lelouch finally seal the contract with C.C? Does the OTP of C.C and Lelouch become canon? What will happen at the end of the film between these two? These are the most important questions for me in this film.

I am very excited to watch this "Code Geass" fan!

I hope C.C. and Lelouch become canon.