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A Real Life King

Lebron James is a hero.

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Athletes can often be considered heroes just because of their occupation. Some truly are good people while others receive this title because of their status as a famous athlete. When athletes decide to use their money and status to help change lives they become REAL heroes.

Lebron James is arguably the greatest basketball player to ever live. A few of his accolades include winning three NBA championships as well as being the leagues Most Valuable Player four times. The list goes on and on. However, these accomplishments, although impressive, do not come close to what Lebron James did this past week. The famous athlete opened a school in Akron, Ohio for underprivileged children. In the Fall the school will open with third and fourth grades classes. By 2019 the school will have added first and second-grade classes, and by 2022 the school will be complete with first through eighth-grade classes.

The school's name is The I PROMISE School, and the motto is "We Are Family." The reason for the motto is because the school will not just benefit the students, but the families as well.

Every student at the school...

1. Will attend for free

2. Will be given free uniforms

3. Will be given a free bike and helmet

4. Will receive free transportation within 2 miles of the school

5. Will receive free breakfast, lunch, and snacks

6. Will be provided with food pantries for families

7. Will receive GEDs and job placement services for parents

8. Will receive guaranteed tuition to the University of Akron for every student who graduates

Lebron James already has done so much for the community of Akron, but this is tops everything. To me, Lebron James is a REAL hero, and I applaud him for this incredible deed. By using his platform as a professional athlete, Lebron James has changed so many lives. This school will provide opportunity for those who really need and deserve it for years to come.

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