Leaving a toxic work environment was the best decision

Starting a new job is rough, you don't know anyone and you're "the new guy" so you get the short stick. When working at one job where you love what you do, you love the people you work with and the kids (I worked at a daycare) it is hard to leave. The management was going downhill FAST and there were no initiatives to do better at your job.

I hated going to work because I never knew what I was gonna have to deal with that day, maybe I'll be stuck doing chores that's not in my job description or maybe I'll be told to go on a long break RIGHT AFTER GETTING THERE. Who knows? I loved my job I really did, I had no intentions on leaving it even though I saw the environment as toxic. It was my chance that I applied for a new job that paid more just out of curiosity with 0 intention on leaving, but I got the job.

The time had come, my freedom was right in front of me. Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things I had to do. I worked there a year and I saw the kids grow so much within that year and they loved me. I couldn't tell them I was leaving, so I didn't. I left that Friday and I never said goodbye to the kids or my coworkers. I didn't realize it was the last day I would see them and work with them. But since leaving I am happy at work (I know seems impossible), I enjoy learning new things and everything runs smoother. The center I work at now is so much better organized, sanitized and maintained. While I do miss my old daycare kids, families and coworkers I know that where I am now is healthier for me and my mentality.

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