To Those Whose S.O. Is Leaving For Basic Training

There Is Nothing Basic About Your Significant Other Leaving For Basic Training

No matter how long you've been dating or how long you've known about their decision to join the military, you'll never be prepared for them to leave.


Basic Training is a real test for those who are in a relationship while going through it. Can you make it through without talking every day? Can you make it through not seeing each other for 8 weeks?

Can you make it through not knowing what that person is doing on a daily basis? It's a test, and it's even harder for those who have to stay and wait for their significant others back home.

Write letters for both of your benefits

Write a letter every day if you can. You won't be able to send a letter until you receive one which is about the second week of basic training. In the letters, you can put pictures in there but that's it.

No food, perfume (includes spraying the note in perfume), no items, nothing that's considered contraband. When you write to them, don't mention how much you miss them.

Instead of saying, "I miss you so much...I want you home" say, "I'm so proud of you and I can't wait to see you again." They get time every night before bed to read and write letters.

You may not receive a letter every day, but they're getting yours for sure. In my letters to my boyfriend who is currently in the Navy, I talk about what I did that day, what kind of things we will do when he gets back, etc.

The letters at the end of the day are the things that motivate them throughout the day, so for both of your peace minds, write as much as you can.

Hang out with friends

Your friends, no matter if they're going through the same thing or have no idea what it feels like, will try to help you through the next 2 months. They will want to go out and have fun with you, so let them.

You owe it to yourself to dress up and go out while your S.O is gone. As much as you want to stay home and sulk, your friends and S.O want you to go out and enjoy yourself too.

Stay as busy as you can

So if your friends are busy and have other plans to where they can't hang out with you, find something else to do. Watch your favorite show, do some online shopping, etc.

If you have a job, try to get more hours in. It keeps your mind off things and you get paid more. Win-win. Also, staying occupied will make the time go by incredibly faster than just sitting and waiting for graduation day.

Improve yourself while they're gone

At basic training, your S.O is not only improving physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. While they are working themselves every day, improve yourself as well. Go to the gym, try cooking something new, try to educate yourself on something, etc.

This also gives you something to talk about in your letters back and forth. Just like how letters are the motivation for them throughout the day, you should have the same motivation to improve yourself.

Stay in touch with their family

Their family will miss them too. No matter if they like you or not, still text them and tell them you hope they have a good day, try to have dinners with them, try to come over for holidays, go to church with them (if they go to church), talk about what you're doing while they're gone, etc.

I know it may seem awkward if you and your S.O aren't married or engaged to really have a relationship with his family, but it will show them just how badly you want to be with their son or daughter.

They will gain so much more respect for you and your relationship. Not to mention, when you go to their graduation ceremony after basic training it will make the car ride and the stay less awkward.

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