This is your sign to leave a toxic relationship.
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If You're Looking For A Sign To Leave A Toxic Relationship, Here It Is

Yes, the goodbye will be hard, but it will be so much easier to face and cope with than the days, months, or even years of torment and toxicity that you endured.

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Unfortunately, in life, we have to learn lessons. The hard way.

Most of the time, a lot of these lessons are presented to us in the form of toxic relationships. Whether it's a relationship with a parent, sibling, friend, or significant other. You know that the treatment isn't right, or their words aren't as kind as they should be or used to be, but for some reason, you believe it will get better with time and all will heal because you love them or don't want to risk losing them.

However, the treatment doesn't magically get better after a certain amount of time because it's toxic.

Poisonous, dangerous, harmful.

Toxic means deadly.

A healthy relationship doesn't leave you up at night questioning your worth, reconfiguring your goals and dreams, or wonder who you're losing all other relationships you had once established.

But a toxic one does.

Sadly, most of us will encounter at least one, if not multiple, toxic relationships in our lifespan. These said relationships are not healthy, uplifting, or filled with love. If you are being told or believe that your worth is being questioned, your voice doesn't matter, and that your happiness is on the backburner in a relationship you hold, all because of a relationship you are currently in, it's not a healthy relationship. You don't need nor deserve that negativity in your life. Also, that person doesn't deserve to have you in their life. You are so much stronger than that and will come out even stronger in the end.

If you're looking for a sign to get out of a toxic relationship whether it be with a friend, significant other, parent, guardian, etc...

This is your sign. Run.

Run far, far away from that relationship and don't look back, not even for a second. Your worth and self-image are important, your voice matters and your happiness comes before anyone else's.

Yes, the goodbye will be hard, but it will be so much easier to face and cope with than the days, months, or even years of torment and toxicity that you endured. Nothing is more rewarding than finding yourself after a toxic relationship. This is your life, you get to choose how you live it and who will live in it. So please, don't let anyone rain on your parade.

Leave that relationship and discover who you are again.

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