It is Fall! Or Spooktober! Whatever you want to call it, but it's also beginning of college! While I know most of y'all might have started midterms, some of you have just begun (I'm looking at you quarter system!) With the beginning of college, most people dress up a little more knowing very well that sweatpants season will begin around the 3rd-4th week of college.

It's inevitable really, and I feel you. As a premium member of the sweatpants club, I know how much more appealing throwing them on is than shimmying your way into jeans. However, in my years of going out in sweatpants, I've found one thing always elevate your look, regardless of the ratty sweatpants, the midterms stress hair and general vibe you might be throwing; a nice black leather jacket.

I say black as I am a firm believer that black goes with everything. While sometimes having that pop of color can elevate a look, black is timeless. Also, it's the perfect place to start before you begin experimenting with other colors, cause while brown leather jackets can be luxurious and gorgeous, It's also hard to get a shade that goes seamlessly with everything.

As long as the jacket fits you well, you could wear anything and still look put together and in this world, where how you look is a representation of who you are, who wouldn't want to look like a badass who has their shit together? Bonus point? Leather jackets make you look so much more attractive; don't believe me? Case in point-

Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn99

Captain Hook on OUAT

Mazikeen from Lucifer

The point is - wearing a leather jacket and feel like a put together badass, despite whatever you might actually be feeling. Presentation of yourself is half your impression after all.