My parents just celebrated their 20th anniversary and that suddenly has me feeling so grateful. I've never taken for granted the love I've always witnessed but watching them celebrate such a milestone feels like an extra blessing. It's made it so easy to see what love looks like and what it feels like. It has allowed me to stay patient in pursuit of my own love and it's a constant reminder to keep my standards high.

It's reassuring to have this reminder that forever does exist. Divorce rates are high and people lose faith, but I still have all the faith in the world. I've been a part of a sort of real-life fairytale. My mom met my dad when she was 16, and she swears there was a bit of love at first sight. They got married three years later, and here we are after 20 more years.

I know how perfectly imperfect their relationship has been because I've seen it up close and for the longest. I've seen them push each others' buttons and test each others' patience. They've fought and bickered about major issues, little things, and everything in between.

But then I've also seen them dance in our living room, pick on each other, and go on dates like they're still teenagers. I see my dad's eyes light up when my mom gets even a little dressed up. I share the joy between the two of them every time I get the chance and I constantly take mental notes for my future husband.

There's something so special and extraordinary about watching two people who are already in love fall more and more for each other as every year goes by.

I was sitting on the couch with them and my mom surprised my dad with a playlist of songs that reminded her of them. Her eyes were damp and his smile wide as they hummed "You're Still The One" by Shania Twain. It's a song I grew up hearing around the house, so I always think of them and their love when I hear it. But watching them sit there and just soak it all in, I felt a new, undeniable kind of forever.

My parents are the reason I know deep in my heart that there's a perfect person for everyone. One soul mate, one lasting forever, and one promise.

They're so wholesome and the way they are as a couple is what I pray for. Their marriage and the foundation it was built on is something I've focused on meticulously. They're two individuals who know who they are. They're independent, but together always. There's trust and there's patience.