If there has been one thing that I've had to learn in my life, it's how to be patient. Not just when in line or at a restaurant or when your mom forces you to come out and do errands with her but actually waiting to be happy.

I'm known for being impatient with people when it comes to making a smart on the fly decision but otherwise, people would say I wait way too long.

Sometimes I give myself a lot of false hope but it is the one thing I cannot change, I'm always looking towards the future and what I want to happen or do.

I find myself constantly waiting for events. Every week I wait on Thursday night (a set weekly hangout night) and on the weekend events. I'm constantly waiting on going back to camp or going on vacation and when I'm at camp or on vacation, I'm waiting on when I get to come home. Some would say I'm never satisfied - I'm only satisfied in a few moments because I always am looking towards the future. It gets exhausting but I think it is what helps me.

I realize I have so much to look forward to - it is what keeps me from feeling hopeless and worthless. I know that at the moment I'm not happy but at some point, I will be.

I believe every day is a closer day to a better day.

Sometimes I think I scare people when I plan so far in advance, but planning for what will make me happy gives me all the more reason to live.

As for being patient and waiting on other people, it's a different story.

I used to be someone who would rush into things whether that be a job commitment, relationship or friendship, etc. Now I'm a lot slower. I think it is because partially my trust was broken by some people I was very close to over a series of months/years. I also think that it is ok to be patient with someone. While you might give yourself false hope and end up being sad in the end - I see it better than rushing in and having even higher false hopes that don't result in anything. I don't see anything wrong with waiting and building a relationship or understanding of someone or something.

Being patient in your personal life translates well into society too.

I understand when my food isn't ready within a certain amount of time at a restaurant (and I don't take it out on my waiter or even the chefs). I understand traffic and why it gets backed up. Being patient has helped me learn that we all make mistakes and that we can't expect everyone to be perfect and 100% ready for what is to come.

I know that sometimes it feels like forever before you can be happy/satisfied - but remembering that it is coming is just as important.