8 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Cook

8 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Cook

Cooking is the most beneficial skill I've learned in my life, and I continue to learn something new every day.

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We learn to walk, to talk, to breathe, but one thing we need to live that we don't always learn about is how to cook. As humans, food is vital, but it is so much more than just an energy source. Most aspects of food are more personal, like flavor preferences, ingredient choices, and comforting dishes. Learning to cook was a journey and I don't think it has a destination. I've learned so much about the culinary world, but it has taught me so much more about myself and has made every skill or dish I've practiced worth it. Here are 8 benefits cooking has brought to my life, and I hope it brings the same benefits to you.

1. The fun never ends

We eat at least three times a day—why not make it interesting? There are endless opportunities to practice new recipes, techniques to try, and ingredients to work with in the kitchen Cooking is a great hobby to have because your curiosity (and your hunger) will never be fully satisfied.

2. To be healthy

Cooking allows you to improve your nutrition by customizing your diet based on what you want. You can incorporate produce, eliminate high-calorie/low-nutrient foods, or create whatever diet you prefer.

3. Customize your meals

Once you have the skills and some practice, the world of cooking is yours. You can customize flavors, produce, ingredients, and meals all to your preference!

4. Food brings people together

Looking back at my best memories, I think food was involved in all of them. Enjoying food unites us all. Invite people over for dinner, cook a meal for a friend, spend Thanksgiving with your family in the kitchen--cooking for or with others is a great way to show appreciation and care for others.

5. Makes connections

The food business is filled with dedicated people with a lot of experience in life. I’ve met some fantastic people through working in the restaurant industry, and our uniting passion was cuisine. Also, once you have experience, there’s always jobs available!

6. Food Network

Perhaps the most rewarding feeling is watching Food Network and understanding what the chef is saying before they explain it. It’s almost better than getting a question right on Jeopardy.

7. Saves Money

Creating a meal plan and cooking for yourself keeps hard earned money in the bank, not in your stomach! Try to swap some meals for home-made ones and save the money for something else.

8. Expands your knowledge.

Learning about culinary arts helped me learn about so much more, especially other cultures. Learning about French cuisine taught me about their culture, and this holds true for every other region I’ve learned about. Cooking has given me a unique lens to view the world through.

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