I've been attending the University of South Florida for almost two years now, and during that time I've learned some things that they don't typically tell you that you will learn. I'm here to enlighten you.

1. You really are going to take that nap.

You may tell yourself you won't, but I promise you, you will.

2. Being late to class isn't a huge deal.

I'm not the type of student to show up late, but for those of you who are, most professors don't care. If they do, they'll put it in their syllabus.

3. The library is your friend.

If you are the type of person who is easily distracted, the library will be the greatest discovery of your life. No joke.

4. The dining hall is NOT your friend.

Seriously. Just stay away. Please. For your own health.

5. There's a difference between an 89.9 and a 90.0.

An 89.9 is a B+. A 90.0 is an A-. Yes, they are 0.1 apart, but apparently, there's a huge difference.

6. You don't need a lot of friends.

Too many friends causes drama. Stick with the few you know that actually like to spend time with you, not just the people who like to take advantage of you.

7. Weather is unpredictable.

Check your weather app before you leave your place. It will save you a lot of trouble of

8. You're professor's don't care as much as your high school teacher's said they would.

The only professor's who care are the one's you've built a personal relationship with. Otherwise, they really don't care if you are suddenly in the hospital. So my advice? Become friends with them.

9. The degree is worth all the stress.

I may not have my degree yet, but I know that when I do receive it, all the hours of crying over assignments will be worth it. I can't wait to be free.

If you don't believe me, you'll probably learn this yourself when you're in college. Or maybe your college experience is different than mine. Either way, this is what I've learned, not in class.