In four days I'll be 20 years old, it feels like I've been alive for a lot longer than that. But in almost 20 years I feel like I've learned a lot about life and about myself- some good things, some bad, and some things that are just completely irrelevant.

1. Being A Teenager Is The Time To Figure Yourself Out

At 11 I came out as bi, 12 I came out as gay, and 18 I came out as trans. Being a teenager has really been a time for me to figure myself and my identity out. It's sucked but its been good. Its been hard because its not easy to realize your true self but it needs to be done.

2. High School Isn't As Bad As Everyone Says

It might not have been as bad for me because I graduated a year early, but high school really wasn't that bad. I wasn't popular, I wasn't athletic, I wasn't anything, I just was. High school got me through to the next stage of my life and it wasn't horrible.

3. College Is AMAZING At First And Then It Sucks 

College gives you freedom at first, and it's great. You think everything is perfect because you finally feel free to be who you are and you are on your own. Then you hit your junior year and realize that the classes are actually hard and you're broke and eating Lunchables and miss your mom. And that's when it hits you that college sucks.

4. You Lose Some People And It's Good That You Do

Not all of your friends are going to stay in your life, and that's a really good thing. Whether it's the one's from high school or the one's you make your first month in college. Even if it's your best friend that you think you'll never lose, you lose contact with people and it's perfectly fine.

5. Changing Your Appearance Is Great

When you turn 18 you can get tattoos and if that's your thing then it will change your life. Or if it's just a different haircut or color then do your thing. Either way, changing your appearance is healthy and refreshing.

6. Your Parent's Won't See You As An Adult

Even when you turn 18 your parent's won't see you as an adult, you're still going to be a child. If you go to college your parent's are still going to worry about you every single second. It will get on your nerves and it's going to suck but just try to be patient because they love you unconditionally.

7. Dating Is Stressful 

You're more than likely going to start dating and the first few people you date are going to be horrible people. You might even date someone that will ruin your life. You may fall in love and get hurt. You might find someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Whatever happens, keep your head up kid. It's all going to work out in the end.

8. Getting A Job Sucks

You will have probably had at least one job by now if not multiple and it was either really bad or really rewarding. Having a job can either be a really good life lesson because it teaches you what you don't want to do or it can lead you down a path towards what you do want to do.

9. You'll Surprise Yourself

In your teenage years you will do things and learn things that you never thought were possible which is insane. You are going to grow so much in those six years that you wouldn't even be able to recognize the person that comes out on the other side. You will grow in your teenage years

10. You Will Make It

Even if you don't think you will, you're going to make it.