1. Sleep is super important

Working closing shifts can really mess up your sleep. You find out quickly that when you're not working, going to bed as early as possible and getting enough sleep will help you so much in the wrong run.

2. How to properly schedule your day

When you sleep for part of the afternoon, you really have to figure out the perfect time to do homework, eating, working out, cleaning, writing and whatever else you need to do. Planners are a gift from God.

3. Healthy foods are the best things to eat

When it's 1 in the morning it's a terrible idea to eat a full meal. That's when you realize eating fruits and vegetables actually help your body so much especially when it's late.

4. But there's nothing wrong with a little chocolate at 12am

...but sometimes you need a little chocolate to wake you up.

5. How to stay awake when its 1AM

Keeping yourself moving and focused is the best thing for you.

6. Everything's better after midnight

People are either sleep deprived or drunk so it can be pretty funny.

7. How to protect yourself

Closing can be pretty scary, even if its just walking to your car. Learning how to protect yourself with pepper spray or even a taser can ease your fears so much.

8. You actually get a lot more done at night

I literally get all my homework done in a simple 9-2am shift.

9. Naps save lives

Even if its for five minutes.

10. The last hour is the slowest

The night could be going so quickly but that last hour takes forever.

11. Your bed is the best place on earth

Laying your head on that after a long night is truly wonderful.