Why You Shouldn’t Overthink: From The Girl Who Always Overthinks
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Why You Shouldn’t Overthink: From The Girl Who Always Overthinks

I sound like a hypocrite, but I have found solutions to make it a little less of a burden on super heavy days.

Why You Shouldn’t Overthink: From The Girl Who Always Overthinks
Megan Cowan

A lot of people are complete overthinkers, and it ends up consuming too much of their day. This overthinking causes stress and anxiety. It can be toxic to yourself and other relationships you have with phenomenal people.

I know that if they were the right people for you, they wouldn't walk out regardless of any of your flaws. But why make it harder to stay, either?

In my "short" 19 years in this world, I've learned the biggest mood killers are the unrealistic worrying thoughts that appear and take forever to go away. It wasn't until a month ago that I began to find a solution to my anxiety and stress from overthinking.

This may sound super crazy, but find a way to let the thought go.

No way, right? Because it doesn't work every time you try it? I thought the same thing.

Then one day, I was in church and our pastor mentioned all the stress that wasn't worth our time, that consumes us and overplays scenarios that never seem to happen (even if they could), is pointless and frustrating.

There are 3 things to do to ease your mind:

Don't overthink what you can't control and isn't realistic. Harbor in the Lord for your worries.

Realize that you cannot do anything alone, and you don't have the strength without the Lord.

Know that this is NOT your final destination.

When stress and anxiety lead to overthinking, use these 3 things to help discourage the overthinking and stress. It takes some time, but I have seen my mind ease through the reassurance of these 3 things.

If you don't believe in anything, or specifically God, find ways to reassure yourself of what you confidently know. There are so many unrealistic thoughts that creep into our minds. Thinking of the things that are known to us can bring us back to realistic thoughts.

You are worthy.

You are strong.

You are loved.

These things are super simple, but a lot of times are what's necessary to encourage confidence and a healthier thought process.

Overthinking and stress are sometimes choices, so don't add more unnecessary stress than you already have in your daily life. It isn't worth it and you are better than this.

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