Life is hard. There are so many different road blocks and we constantly feel pulled in different directions, especially at college age. There are rules, expectations, and guidelines to follow, which can seem completely impossible to manage. It's so easy to stress yourself out over the little things that don't have a major impact on your life, and it seems as though the world is always ending. I am guilty of living in the wreckage of the future, but I have recently become more aware of it and I am working on being more present and enjoying life as it comes. There are a few different ways that I do that, but I think it is important to share.

Learn from the past:

Many people tend to dwell on the past and make a point of always bringing it up and opening old wounds, which is something that I will admit that I do a lot. It is extremely important to only bring up the past as a learning experience and put a positive spin on any negative things that happened. If you made a mistake, make it something that makes you go to bed motivated to do better tomorrow, the next day, and every day after that, not something that keeps you up at night.

Grow for the future:

You cannot move forward until you've accepted the challenges presented to you and actively sought solutions to these problems. The future is all dependent on your attitude, and not having a positive one is robbing yourself of any growth. Optimism is always key.

Live for the present:

I'm not telling you to skip studying for your exam next week because you should "live in the present," but I am saying to take a step back if you feel overwhelmed by everything around you. If you've spent all day studying, go to that concert with your roommates, go out and enjoy a nice dinner, or go sit by the pool. Don't ignore the present opportunities because of the future. Be mindful of the future, but don't live in it. It is always a terrible idea because you could be missing out on an experience right at that moment.