I am what most of my friends consider the most active, lazy person alive. I consider it quite the talent if I do say so myself. Now let me first define what it is. An active-lazy person is someone who loves to workout and be fit but hates doing anything active outside of the gym/ sports fields. This includes getting out of bed to shut the lights off, walking in any form when there can be transportation etc. ect.

Now I'm going to really start this article off by saying this is a condition, one that definitely has its low moments which I'm not always proud of, but in general I'm living a good life and no one should judge me for it. Better yet, never judge anyone who is like me. We aren't always the easiest people to be around, but we are trying even if it may not look like it.

Going to college may have been one of the hardest experiences for me. Going from living a life that strictly revolved around using a car to get from point A to point B to one without cars and mostly walking has been extremely difficult. To get to class, I walk. To get food, I have to walk. To go to the gym, I have to walk. I'm tired of it, give me a break.

Cardio was never, and will never be my forte. When I say cardio that includes walking, running, jumping and everything in between. I'm the type of person who would much rather lift weights at the gym to get fit over going for a jog. I know that I am not alone on this. Cardio is HARD!

With all that said, I love going to the gym and playing sports. I grew up in just about every sport imaginable and go to the gym often. I love the feeling of my body working out and getting more toned, however I won't do any form of physical activity outside of those environments. For me, it is difficult to get out of my bed to shut the lights off at night even. But to that I say, we all need to be a little more tolerant of the lazy people in this world.

Yes, being lazy is not the best state of being. Yes Ubering two blocks is a waste of money that can be avoided. However, to us lazy people it makes a difference. I wish a lot of times that I wasn't this way, but we are just not all created equally in this world. That is what makes us special. So with that my last notes are, just because you are the type of person to run and not mind walking a mile or two to get to the restaurant, doesn't mean your friend is okay with that. Don't give us your "Are you kidding me?" looks because yes we really did just ask to Uber there instead. We don't all like to do the same things so please respect us and not look down your nose at our lazy butts. People like me put in our exercise in other ways or some not at all. We just want to live our lives the way we want, so please just let us be lazy and we'll bring plenty of our other talents to the world in different ways.