To both newcomers and people who have been immersed in the beauty community for years, it can often be overwhelming to keep up with not only trends, but products, and fads - not to mention, expensive. So here are some lessons I've learned over the last 3 years, truly incorporating the "less is more" mindset.

1. Buy a palette

Once I started doing this, I never went back. Instead of spending time, money, and energy doing eyeshadow separate from highlight and contour, I just purchased a palette of which shades can be used all over my face, instead of relying on individual products. For example, around Christmas, I bought the Smashbox Holidaze Palette, and it serves as my only makeup product most days.

2. Always use sunscreen

Dermatologists say that the only two products they'd recommend to everyone regardless of skin type are sunscreen and moisturizer. Oftentimes, a primer can be purchased with built-in SPF, so it may be worth spending a little extra money to get that two-in-one product.

3. Cover up insecurities and you're set

Everyone has them! Using concealer, for example, to cover up blemishes or dark spots can already have people looking and feeling better. Instead of having a 40-step makeup routine like some beauty gurus online, accept that sometimes less is more.

4. When working with face masks, do it in the shower

This hack saves time, if you're too busy to incorporate skin care into your daily or weekly routine, incorporate in with your existing routine. The same works with exfoliating, moisturizing, hair, and lip masks.

5. Stick to products that make you/your skin look and feel good

Sometimes it can get very overwhelming with the sheer amount of products that are released by all these new companies entering the beauty industry - both online or in makeup reseller stores. If there's a product that you notice is doing your skin wonders, then don't opt for something that may look more professionally packaged, or make the mistake of thinking that paying more into makeup and skin care leads to a direct correlation with results.