The internet has taken to the Big Screen. Wednesday, Jan. 27 was opening day for Rooster Teeth's first movie, "Lazer Team." For those who may not know, Rooster Teeth is an internet-based company best known for the machinima "Red vs. Blue," as well as animated productions such as "RWBY" and "X-Ray and Vav," live-action shorts and gameplays through branches like Achievement Hunter and Funhaus.

Almost two years ago, Rooster Teeth raised more than $2.6 million via an IndiGoGo campaign making the creation of the movie possible.

Burnie Burns, Michael Jones, Gavin Free, Colton Dunn, Alan Ritchson, and Alexandria DeBerry star as lead roles in the science fiction, action, comedy movie. Company-wide appearances are made throughout the movie, sometimes in an Easter egg-like fashion.

Hagan (Burns), Woody (Free), Zach (Jones), and Herman (Dunn) stumble upon a crashed UFO where a holographic alien gives news of an intergalactic battle that will take place in mere days. The four are taken away by the military where Adam (Ritchson), the champion of the Earth, has to train the quartet to learn everything he spent his entire life training for.

The foursome have to learn to work together in order to save the entire planet. This may sound easier than it is. Each having their own personal issues with one another; will that end up getting in the way of their success, or can they set aside their differences for the sake of humanity to become Lazer Team?

The unique film possesses no downtime. There's always something to laugh about or something action-based to keep your eyes fixated on the screen.

By far the best part of the movie was how geared it is specifically towards the community members. On multiple occasions, there are references to earlier content that left the entire audience howling with laughter.

I am so thankful that Rooster Teeth paired up with Tugg. Fans were able to create their own screening in towns that may not have already been scheduled for a showing. The screening I went to was completely sold out. Being able to watch a movie with close to 200 community members made the entire experience a memory that will last forever.

By far, one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I immensely recommend any community member to see in theaters. It is so worth it. For any non-Rooster Teeth community members, as long as you love laughing and alien battles, this movie is definitely for you.

I can't wait until I see it again.