It's been almost a month since our nation saw another school shooting and many are still questioning if more law enforcement is needed in schools and what can be done to prevent these tragedies from occurring. While not all schools have their own security or even an SRO (School Resource Officer), many questions have been rising about whether it's time for districts to start adding both.

With the number of school shootings rising each year, there are several reasons why adding extra security in schools isn't a bad idea.

1. Students would feel safer

Children would stress more about their academics and less about their safety. Parents would also return to feeling more comfortable having their kids in school again.

2. Parents would feel better

Sending your child off to school use to be a happy and less stressful thing. Now, it's turned into the complete opposite.

3. Creates more jobs

An increase in law enforcement would open up an opportunity for those trying to get into the field. This would generate job openings for all the young men and woman who have graduated from the academy and are looking for employment.

4. Decreases the chance of more school shootings occurring

If more police officers were in schools, the chances of another school shooting occurring again would decrease, generating better learning and teaching environments for both children and teachers.

5. Teachers would feel comfortable

During these type of tragedies, it's not just the students that have suffered. Teachers have been impacted by these things as well. Having extra police officers in schools would also make their jobs safer.

6. Offers cops more experience

Having more law enforcement in schools would offer police officers more experience working with children, teenagers, and educators. This can also bring them more opportunities for when their retirement arrives.

7. Can create less peer-related issues students deal with

In addition to preventing tragedies such as shootings from transpiring, more security would also prevent issues such as the inappropriate use of drugs.

8. Would give people another reason to migrate to a community

When home searching, the safety of a school district does influence the decision parents and those soon to be, make when looking to move.