50 Latinx Travel Influencers Every Traveler Should Follow
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50 Latinx Travel Influencers Every Explorador Should Follow For The Ultimate Wanderlust

The Latinx travel bloggers inspiring us to explore the world.

50 Latinx Travel Influencers Every Explorador Should Follow For The Ultimate Wanderlust

Latinos and Latinas are widely underrepresented in the travel industry, so I've found 50 exploradores that write about their travels. These Latinx represent the diversity of Latin American cultures and are shattering stereotypes as they cross borders around the planet.

1. @deafinitelywanderlust

Stacey is Mexican and she shares stories to challenge your perspectives about deaf travel and deaf communities.

2. @lolaannamendez

Lola Méndez is an Uruguayan-American travel writer and full-time globetrotter. She travels to develop her own worldview and has explored over 50 countries. Passionate about sustainable travel she seeks out ethical experiences that benefit local communities.

3. @dominicanabroad

Gerry Isabelle is a Dominican American published travel writer and photographer based in NYC who shares her multicultural perspective on unique places and experiences around the world.

4. @mexicanaturisteando

Brenda promotes travel across Mexico and Latin America with her colorful Instagram posts.

5. @cryscastles

Whether she's posing in front of geode-inspired street art or taking moody shots of New York cityscapes, Crystal's feed is always aspirational and visually interesting.

6. @t.prad

Tasha Prados is a multi-faceted woman: she's a writer, Instagram influencer, and a business and marketing strategist. And she still finds time to post amazing photos of all her travels!

7. @wyneesworld

Wynee (pronounced like Winnie) Bermudez's Instagram is full of beautiful travel shots and the mouthwatering food she finds in her hometown, Charlotte, North Carolina.

8. @cyncynti

Cynthia Corona is a Mexican adventurer with a travel blog that features articles about everywhere from Latin America to Asia. She loves to explore the world, experience foreign cultures, and learn about new places.

9. @karlatomaselli

Karla is Venezuelan and has one of the dreamiest blogs. She shares travel advice from far away destinations such as Sri Lanka, Madagascar, India, Oman, and more.

10. @ochristine

Olivia Christine is an Afro-Latina traveler who keeps it real on her blog. She covers a wide range of topics from what it's like to explore the globe with a chronic illness (she has lupus) and advice for folding wellness practices into overseas adventures.

11. @queercation_

This Instagram is run by two lawyers with advice on traveling the world while "being Black + LatinX + Queer AF".

12. @aroundtheworldinkatydays

Katy is an American of Xicana Indígena, Filipino, and German heritage. She's passionate about ethical travel and shares tricks and tips on how to make your travels more responsible on her blog.

13. @latinatlas

Erika is a Mexican American traveler who is motivated to explore the Latin American region due to her endless sense of curiosity about the region's many cultures.

14. @ptpassages

Amanda is a passionate traveler who jets away on trips whenever she can manage to get away from her work as a physical therapist.

15. @thevirtualpassport

Ashley is a Mexican American solo traveler who has been to over 60 countries and counting.

16. @sergiodiscovery

Sergio's coffee-fueled travel adventures show his love for people and beautiful architecture.

17. @latin.spirit

Ecuadorian traveler Erika shares her inspiring explorations to destinations around the globe. You can also follow her blog with her partner on @mochilamonkeys.

18. @dreamsinheels

Olga is a Cuban/Puerto Rican travel blogger based out of NYC who explores the world in heels!

19. @poorinaprivateplane

Taima works a full time job, and even with bills to pay and errands to run, she manages to prioritize travel and weave it into her routine.

20. @yessitraveling

Yessica's Instagram is incredibly creative, and she often offers travel package giveaways on her page.

21. @rovingjo

Jo gives great tips on how to incorporate travel into your life when it seems like there just isn't enough time.

22. @diana.janisbel

Diana balances work, school, AND travel, and gives some of the best tips on the block how to do it without absolutely losing your mind.

23. @iamperlita

Perla Giselle is a master of balancing things. Even on her blog, she balances fashion, lifestyle, a baby, and travel.

24. @officiallyjesss

Jess has recently created group tours to Cuba to connect travelers to the country of her heritage, and show a more local perspective to the frequently misunderstood island.

25. @lewildexplorer

Jeanine is a woman who loves to travel and chase adventure.

26. @americatru

America's stories are uncensored, honest, and relatable.

27. @jessikatrips

Jessica is silly, down to Earth, and loves to find the quirkier side of travel.

28. @curlylatinatraveler

Jenn is a trilingual engineer, and an unstoppable force. She reps her heritage and wants to inspire other AfroLatinas to travel, enter into STEM fields, and ultimately shine bright and live their best lives!

29. @lifebeyondhome

Edith is a teacher who has an adventurous soul that loves to explore the world.

30. @wavesoftravel

Val travels out of a backpack, but that doesn't stop her from experiencing each destination to the fullest.

31. @mycurlyadventures_

Jessica is all about uncovering the hidden gems in popular destinations, and even hidden destinations themselves!

32. @xochilthmartinez

The dominating aesthetic of Xo's Instagram is vibrancy — richly saturated colors, tons of iconic backdrops, and amazing attention to detail overtake every photo.

33. @atwbeauty

As the name suggests, @atwbeauty brings together the dual passions of its curator — MUA Stephanie Flor — combining travel and beauty in one effortlessly beautiful Instagram feed.

34. @travel_wheretonext

Tessa is a Cuban American explorer who aims to show wanderlusters that they can travel to the most beautiful destinations on any budget.

35. @voyviajanding

Paula is a Chilean travel addict.

36. @flowyendo_daca_palla

Lidia and Maria are traveling couple exploring the world together!

37. @daniel_marher

Daniel is a Mexican traveler whose photos make you feel like you are there with him.

38. @viajerosaladeriva

Charo and Marcus are an Argentinian couple sharing their fun trips together!

39. @desviajados

Fernando's stunning Instagram is made for lovers of travel, having fun, and the world.

40. @tipsdedaya

Dayana is a blogger who shares her fun adventures and life advice.

41. @theworldbydiego

Diego's feed is full of amazing photos from his backpacking trip of South America with his mama.

42. @merecesl

Ale and Azu are traveling couple who share their adventures on YouTube and Instagram.

43. @w.m.e_porelmundo

Wal is a Colombian traveler who loves to explore and post fitspo.

44. @danielaporelmundo

Daniela is a Colombian thrillseeker sharing amazing destinations around the world.

45. @danielvergel_

Daniel is a commercial pilot whose Instagram shows his true lust for life.

46. @juantrotamundos

Juan is a Colombian traveler sharing his epic adventures.

47. @eshoradeviajar

Andrea's Instagram is written like a love letter to landscapes.


I can't get over how gorgeous Yanibel (and her travel photos) is!

49. @pasosverdes

Layli is a Dominican exploring Italy and sharing amazing spots to visit!

50. @alondra_avalos

We love a colorful 'gram! Alondra's posts are lively and feature dreamy locales.

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