Are you having trouble breathing? Maybe, have a runny nose, headache, or broke your whole arm? Well, we know the perfect solution for you!

Growing up Latino, you realize that your family seems to self-diagnose you before you even end up in the doctor's office. You could be having a fever, headache, or a runny nose, they all know the perfect remedy for your sickness. All of their remedies will guarantee you that you will be in perfect health by the end of it! As you grow- up you realize that other people outside of your culture can't really relate to much of this.

Here are the top 5 Latino remedies that all of us were given when we were sick:

1. VapoRub

This little 'mini' miracle jar was rubbed on our chest, throat, and even stuck up our nostrils. The Vick's VapoRub can claim that it was used for, 'minor pains and soars,' but to our family members that was the same as saying,' the solution to all of your problems.' It did not matter if we were just having a small cough or a runny nose, or even broke our legs and in a coma, this jar was idolized in our families as having supernatural qualities. No matter what, we were going to be haunted by the scent of mint for days!

2. The "Caldo"

Latinos could care less about the weather - if you were sick and one of your family members was there, you were going to get a "caldo," even if it was 120°F. They are going to shove that soup down your throat until they feel as if you are completely healed. They swore that the 'caldo' could transform you into a brand-new human being. Though, most of us could agree on one thing: We didn't really mind it because it was extremely filled with flavor.

3. Honey and lemon

Honey and Lemon or famously known as "miel con limon," was a solution for all of our sore throats. If your mamá, saw that you couldn't swallow your food well or were having trouble speaking, it was a guarantee that you would not leave home without a thousand spoonfuls of "miel con limon." By the end of the day, you would have had so much of it that by just hearing "miel con limon," you would be cringing internally.

4. Sprite

Have you ever had a stomach ache? Well Latinos have the perfect solution for you: Drink 3-4 or even 5-6, well, let that be limitless cups of Sprite a day. Sprite was known for being your best friend when it came to stomachaches, but by the end, you would feel like it was more or less a frenemy. Even though Sprite would bring some relief to your stomach pain, it left you with a billion hiccups.

5. Tiger blankets

A tiger blanket is an iconic item found in all Latino households. If you went to grandma's house when you had a fever, it was likely that she wrapped you up in thousands of tiger blankets in order to cure you. You could be wrapped up in there until your face was boiling red and you sweat your soul off, but she would only take it off when she felt like she healed you.