The Best Late Night TV Hosts

Although I cannot claim to have watched any of these live more than a couple of times, YouTube has given us the gift of Late Night television accessibility during the day. Like many other people on the internet, clips from these shows are some of my favorites on YouTube, and I find myself spending quite a bit of my time on YouTube watching them. With that, I wanted to highlight my personal favorite hosts on the late night spectrum. There are a couple of well knowns that will not be on this list, not because I don't like them, but because I simply haven't found time to devote to watching their stuff-so yes, James Corden and Samantha Bee are on my to-do list.


This guy knows how to do stupid right...most of the time. Admittedly, he is a little much at some times. Most of the time, though, he is a welcome goof ball that goes the extra mile to make a fool out of himself. My hat's off to him, because it usually works brilliantly. This bit with Dave Franco makes me laugh every single time!

Jimmy Kimmel

While Kimmel is one of the most popular talk shows out there, I never get the vibe that he is one of the most beloved-and I don't know why. Kimmel is one of my absolute favorites; his mean spirited sense of humor is, for me, a refreshing voice in the talk show world. And Kimmel himself is willing to take some heat; he often makes himself the butt-end of his own joke. Like Conan, it usually works out pretty well. Plus, who doesn't love his "rivalry" with Matt Damon?

Jimmy Fallon

This guy, while not quite my favorite (anymore), is definitely the king of late night television. From SNL fame to the Late Show, he took over the coveted Tonight Show to much success. Indeed, Fallon will go down as the Johnny Carson or David Letterman of his generation, being the most popular late night television host of today; and with good reason, his bright personality is hard to resist. Honestly, everything that Fallon does just oozes cool. While the clip I've chosen isn't his most popular (not even close) I do think it is a prime example of how cool Fallon and his show are.

John Oliver

This is my favorite late night comedian of them all. I only recently discovered Oliver and his lampooning of the news, and I instantly fell in love. His sense of humor is unpredictable, and absolutely nails whatever subject he is discussing. He has interviewed Edward Snowden and even started his own fake church. It's kind of ridiculous how hilarious he is. His online clips from his show are usually pretty long, so I've chosen a web exclusive here-but its a prime example of his random and hilarious sense of humor.

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