Late Night Conversations With Your Friends

Late Night Conversations With Your Friends

If you have conversations like this, you're doing things right.


For some reason people are always more honest at night time. This is when people are exhausted and they tend to not care at this point in the day. If you're lucky enough, you've found someone like this who you can have late night conversations with. These conversations can be about anything, from people at school, all the way to talking about the existence of life and conspiracy theories.

Some of these conversations happen when you are just so annoyed about something that happened during the day and you just need someone to talk to. So, you call your best friend because you're so frustrated and you just need someone to vent to. That's how these conversations start anyway.

Next thing you know you are talking with your friend or even multiple friends and you get to certain topics and you guys laugh and retrace your thoughts because you're not quite sure how you got there. These friends are ones where you can just talk and almost nothing is off limits. All of your friends are honest about their views and thoughts at this point.

At night, people are willing to talk about those topics that are just to harsh when the reality of life is present. And perhaps, the light during the day makes these topics too visible and too painful to mention and discuss. That may be why it's easier to discuss these things when it's dark out. At this point in the day people tend to be honest because their eyes are heavy and they seek comfort within the darkness of the space around them. Perhaps when the lights are present, it shines too deep so they tuck away their true feelings.

I know that for me, it is easier to talk with my friends when we are driving around at night. At this point the light is dimmed around us and all you can see are the shadows of streetlights and the headlights on the car. The music we are listening to lightly plays in the background. This creates the ambiance for a conversation that is overdue. We feel comfortable, so we tend to discuss our thoughts that we hold inside of us due to the fear of being judged.

Late night conversations are ones where you find yourself talking for long periods of time and then finally you look at your watch and its been hours but neither of you can seem to walk away. Conversations run deep throughout you and it feels like a loss to walk away and end it. But, eventually the time comes where night is fully present and it's time to leave and take in the conversation, and know that you truly got the chance to hear someone else's true views on the world.

Thank you to these late night conversations and the friends we share them with.

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