Communication is important. Using Gaga GIFs for that communication is even more important. No worries-- there are more than enough to accurately express just how you feel.

1. Happy

Happy Lady Gaga is all of us inside.

2. Sad

I wish I looked that gorgeous when I cry.

3. Mad

What's better than a sassy Gaga?

4. Excited

Do you want to share your excitement? This GIF is the answer.

5. Disturbed

Send someone this, and they'll get the idea.

6. Surprised

Surprised Gaga is me.

7. Annoyed

This one is for when you just don't have time for nonsense.

8. Amused

It's handy for when someone gives you a good laugh.

9. Thankful

Don't forget to show your gratitude.

10. Lonely

Everyone gets lonely every once in a while, even Gaga.