I've been in a relationship for the past year and nine months. In the beginning, my boyfriend would always pay for our meals whenever we went out on a date.

As the relationship grew stronger, and we talked more about what we wanted, we decided to break off that silly stereotype of the guy always treating the lady. It's cute the first couple times, but I didn't want him to always spend his own money on just me.

Ladies, you should learn quickly that your boyfriend should not take the check every single time you go out. I believe it's wrong, inconsiderate, and kind of selfish. Just because you are a woman, it doesn't mean you are incapable of making it "on you" that time.

In my glorious opinion, men should not pay for every date. Your boyfriend should not lose his money over you when you are totally able to handle at least some of the blow and damage from the bill. He is not an ATM, nor should he be treated like one.

Since we are almost two years in, if my boyfriend ever offers to cover something for us, I feel bad. I always want to help him out. It's all about compromise and making decisions as a couple. Even splitting the check or getting separate checks can assist in the slightest.

However, my boyfriend will pay "just because" and it still makes me smile.

There are some girls who want to be spoiled, but I'm not one of those girls. I mean it when I say that girls should not just expect guys to be "the guy". Sometimes, a woman has to be "the man". Take him out to eat. Take him for a walk. Call the shots on your romantic getaway. It's not just his job in your relationship.

You're going to be awfully sorry when you are unprepared. Always carry money on you because you should never have that mindset of the man being in charge, treating you.

Of course, you're not going to say no every single time, and you don't ever want to, but give him a break and make him feel good, too. We are far out and away from the generation that made gentlemen look rich and treating. They hold the door for their girls, and they offer the world to them.

But we as women are living in a world where we can do that now as well. Be fierce. Treat your man. Have some fun. So, change it up and snatch the check.