This is an open letter to my family on why I did not go home on Labor Day weekend.

Dear family,

I first want to apologize for not taking the three and half hour trip home this extended weekend. I want you to know that it is nothing against you. You took a trip to my home for the year just two weeks ago and sent me on my way. You gave me a box full of food and aided me in organizing my dorm room. The moment you left, I realized that sophomore year is completely different than freshman year. I went home the first weekend after I moved in last year, and I came home every other weekend. This year the circumstances are different.

To begin, I had to purchase a book that's price took me by surprise. Due to my ugly bank account, I will have to wait to visit you until I have enough money for gas and snacks for the road. In addition to my financial deficiency, I actually have friends this year who want to hang out with me on the weekends. Last year I was a bit anti-social and I made things do, but this year I am soaking up the college experience. Also, most of my friends are staying on campus as well and I cannot betray them.

As much I hate to admit it, I am slowly falling in love with this tiny city and the people in it. I never thought this day would come. I am slowly morphing into an actual adult, and doing things on my own. Thank you for raising me into the person I am.

Do not miss me too much.


Your college child