Top Kylie Lip Kits You NEED

Top Kylie Lip Kits You NEED

Liquid lips are taking the world by storm and Kylie is the queen of them

Liquid lipsticks have become especially big in the makeup world in the past year.

Kylie Jenner took the world by storm with the drop of her three original lip kits that sold out in less than five minutes. She knew her fans wanted more and so Kylie Cosmetics grew and grew into the beautiful collection we all know, love and crave.

Here are all the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits you NEED to add to your make up collection.

1) Candy K

Kylie's site says this shade is gorgeous for all skin tones! One of her original 3 shades and the companies best seller! Everyone loves this and is the perfect addition to any make up lover's collection. This is a warm, pinky nude.

2) Dolce K

Kylie's site says this is a shade that looks great on all skin tones, which I have to agree with. It is a deep, beige nude. I own this shade and it is definitely in my top 5 faves!

3) Brown Sugar

This is a true yellow brown which Kylie says looks great on medium to dark skin tones. It is a beautiful nude that is perfect for the fall.

4) Ginger

This is a warm terra-cotta brown shade and looks amazing on everyone. Although she created it specifically for the fall season, it would definitely look beautiful any time of the year.

5) Love Bite

This is also a color that is gorgeous for the fall/winter time. It is a rich, plum brown which, in my opinion, looks great on all skin tones.

6) Koko K

One of the original 3 Kylie started off with. This is a pale pink and looks great on lighter skin tones. My best friend owns this kit and it is always her go to for an everyday makeup look.

7) True Brown K

This shade looks gorgeous on dark skin tones and is a deep, chocolate brown.

8) Dirty Peach

I have found that this shade looks best on lighter skin tones. It is a mid-tone yellow peach shade.

9) 22

This is a vibrant burnt orange and one of her customers favorite shade. It looks beautiful on everyone and can definitely look great for a night out.

10) Posie K

This color is great for all skin tones and all seasons. It is a cool mid-tone berry color.

All of Kylie's lip kits are creamy and don't dry out your lips. Each kit comes with a liquid lipstick and matching liner. She recommends covering your entire lip with the liner and then applying the liquid lip on top for a more long lasting effect.

Happy shopping!

Cover Image Credit: Kylie Cosmetics

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6 Eco-Friendly Gifts For The Ones Who’ve Already Stopped Using Plastic Straws

Give a gift that will not be wasted.


Christmas and the surrounding months are for some people synonymous with shopping and stress over gift giving. If you want to avoid stress, I recommend considering giving practical gifts this season that everyone can use. Personally, I have been trying to be more green and reduce my ecological footprint on the planet by reducing my amount of plastic and waste. This holiday season, I want to encourage my friends and family to also be more green by giving them useful gifts that will also help them reduce their ecological footprint and waste. (You can see what your ecological footprint is here)

1. Stainless steel straws

SENHAI set of 8 stainless steel straws

We heard earlier this year about the high among of plastic, especially plastic straws, in the world's oceans that are harming ocean wildlife. I now carry around a set of steel straws in my purse to use instead of plastic straws. These straws are even dishwasher safe!

Find on Amazon for $8.99

2. Travel coffee mugs

Travel coffee mugs are so much better to use than single use cups because they are sustainable. Plus they keep your coffee warmer longer and don't spill as much. If you bring in your own mug to most coffee places, they will be more than willing to fill it and may even give you a discount. At Starbucks, bring in any reusable coffee mug or tumbler and you will save 10¢!

Find on Amazon for $10.49

3. Reusable water bottles

S'well 15 oz S'ip stainless steel water bottle

Many people worldwide use plastic water bottles with a million bought per minute of which 91% are not recycled. By buying a reusable water bottle, your gift will help save the planet as well as their wallet "with the average American spending over $100 per year / per person."

(S'well water bottles and tumbler not only look good, they also do good with S'well giving back to their partners UNICEF USA, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and RED.)

Amazon for $19.99

4. Reusable shopping bags

BeeGreen foldable reusable grocery bags

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Amazon for $14.55

5. Reusable produce bags

Purifyou reusable mesh produce bags

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Find on Amazon for $14.97

6. Reusable snack bags

Stasher reusable silicone food bag

These not only cut down on plastic bags but are great for students and coworkers who have to pack their lunch!

Find on Amazon for $11.99

My recommendation is to gift several of these as a set or to include one as part of you. You can consider putting your gifts in the reusable bags or even using newspaper (especially the comics section) as gift wrapping to make your gift more unique and reduce waste!

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