5 Thoughts We All Had When Kyler Murray Declared For The 2019 NFL Draft

5 Thoughts We All Had When Kyler Murray Declared For The 2019 NFL Draft

Next Deion Sanders?


The news spread fast, far and wide for people in the Sooner nation in mid-January as ESPN broke the news that OU's young Quarterback would be committing the 2019 NFL draft.

This news was shocking considering Murray already committed to MLB's Oakland Athletics who paid him $4.66 million signing bonus last June after making him the No. 9 overall draft pick in the 2018 amateur draft.

OUr boy Kyler not only won the 2018 Heisman Trophy but is also a center fielder for Oklahoma's baseball team.

So we're all asking the question…

Is he going to the NFL and quitting baseball?

Maybe… but maybe not. Monday was the deadline for underclassmen to declare for the 2019 NFL Draft. If he wouldn't have registered by then, he would have had to wait until 2020 for another opportunity to play in the NFL.

Football might offer more money, but isn't it safer to stick with baseball?

More than half of the active NFL quarterbacks have earned at least $10 million dollars in their careers, compared to 28% of outfielders, according to Spotrac. About 11 percent of NFL quarterbacks have made at least $100 million, compared to five percent of outfielders.

Could he potentially try to play BOTH sports?

There's no way… The standard NFL contract doesn't allow players to participate "in any activity other than football which may involve a significant risk of personal injury."

What happens to that giant signing bonus the A's gave him?

According to Passan, there is language in Murray's contract for the A's to retrieve the bonus if he pursues a professional football career. Although if he left football to play baseball, he would enter the Oakland's system on minor league contract.

Is the dual path about money or passion?

Both? Murray's 2018 college football season was a GAME changer… literally. We all figured he would be reporting in February to A's spring training. He now has the opportunity to make more money and quickly than if he stayed with baseball. First round NFL draft picks can double the $4.66 million the A's have promised him.

I guess that's what happens when you're the most renown two-sport athlete in the country. You got options!

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