Kylan Goes To China (Article 1)

This Sunday, I landed in Shanghai, China to begin my journey of Marketing and International Development within a 2016 Shanghai Summer School program. I look forward to documenting my experiences and sharing my journey with my friends, family, and connections all over the world. As the official first installment of this digital journal, I will describe some of my experiences in the cultural exchange here in China, as well as with the other students I look forward to working with from 21+ countries.

This program provides a comprehensive study component designed to improve my background in Mandarin Chinese, the critical language I am pursuing as my dual-focus within my undergraduate career at Morehouse College. In addition to intensive language intensive courses, I will participate in a lecture series that covers formally covers the cultural exchange that I look forward to developing in my time here. Finally and most importantly, I will have the opportunity to experience the Chinese cultural essence. My specific aim is to improve my cultural competency of the Chinese, while identifying cultural intersections that may contribute to human engagement and advance future diplomatic relations.

A few things I look forward to on this trip, is a unique experience in enjoying the international economic, cultural, and metropolitan

- Field research at "China's most famous paradise on earth" (Suzhou and Hangzhou). (China's South Yangtze River Delta)

Smart Models

- Working with Smart Models Management and WMG Models to connect with photographers in Shanghai.

International Development

- Working with to develop a social justice think tank with the Andrew Young Emerging Leaders Institute and to publish articles highlighting the facts on human rights and social justice on an international scale.

- Completing comprehensive research in human rights to assess the climate of the human rights practice in China.

- Working with FGG to perform Marketing and International Development volunteer work, aimed at promoting the site selection of China in the GG 2022.

- As a Benjamin A. Gilman scholar, seeking to develop a relationship with the US Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural affairs and the Institute of International Education, to develop a follow-on service project to promote critical and super critical languages to underrepresented communities in the U.S.


- Immersing myself within the Confucius thought.
- Going to develop proficiency in meditation.
- Looking forward to visiting the Confucius Temple in the Jiading District.

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