5 Reasons Why We Should All Be Following Kristin Johns
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5 Reasons Why We Should All Be Following Kristin Johns

Kristin has become such a bright life in my life, and I think she'll do the same for you!

5 Reasons Why We Should All Be Following Kristin Johns
Kristin Johns-Twitter

Kristin has become my absolute favorite person to follow over the past couple years and there are SO many reasons why. With the negativity and selfish messages we see on social media, she has served as a bright and shining light to me throughout the past few years.

I’ve narrowed it down to the five most obvious and prominent reasons and I definitely think they are all something we can agree on and if you haven’t started following her, you’re going to want to read this because maybe you’ll see a small glimpse of what I have come to know about Kristin and how unbelievably wonderful she is. So, without further ado...

She is extremely cute and adorable.

Kristin emphasizes loving the little things in life. She loves the outdoors and all that this world has to offer. One of her absolute favorite things in the world is her plants and she loves to teach her followers all about how to take care of them! How adorable is that?

Her attention to such sweet and simple things serves as such a joy to her followers and when you watch her YouTube videos, you can tell she is always being her genuine and true self. Her little quirks and cute voice will light up your day, trust me!

She’s as sweet as can be and SO encouraging.

Kristin is honestly one of the most positive and kind individuals I have ever watched on YouTube. She always ends her vlogs with some sort of encouragement, whether that be pruning your life of negative influences or remembering that we are so loved, she always makes sure her followers know that she cares about her followers and makes the time and effort to make sure we know that. Every single one of her videos has a verse in the description as well, so if you’re going through a rough patch, I HIGHLY recommend watching her videos. I promise you’ll feel better!

She has two of the CUTEST dogs, Camper and Honey Bee.

I mean, who doesn’t like dogs? Kristin and her husband, Marcus, recently adopted two beautiful Golden Retrievers, Camper and Honey Bee! They are so cute and fun to watch grow up and Kristin includes you in so many of their adventures and always talks about little updates about them. You definitely feel like you’re part of her sweet family!

Her marriage is goals for so many reasons.

Kristin and Marcus Johns are examples of what I believe our generation should be looking towards for how a marriage should be like. Kristin and Marcus exemplify love and grace as they endlessly love and pursue each other and their imperfections. Even Marcus on his own Instagram channels, admits to how he can be a bit difficult to live with and how patient she is.

They’re not perfect, and never claim to be, but they passionately and wholeheartedly pursue the Lord together and never cease to stop working on their marriage. They also include their followers in so many of their adventures! They recently bought a home and it was so sweet to see how excited they were to work on their new home together and the ideas they had. I love watching these two and seeing their marriage grow!

She is one of the most real people out on social media and YouTube.

Kristin does not present a fake version of herself. She is honest, genuine, and real with her followers and always offers her best. In her recent video titled “my story,” she goes on to talk about her battle with insomnia and how the Lord offered her opportunities to be strong and overcome. Also, on Instagram she will post photos with captions that talk about a very real and present struggle she has and how she overcame that struggle.

Whether it was with positive thoughts or the grace of God, she is honest and real from point A to point B. Also, she always asks how she can be praying for her followers and I believe she honestly takes the time to pray for our struggles as well. I’ve never seen anyone do that before on social media.

I know that Kristin has offered me so much comfort and joy throughout the past years. Whether it’s through her adorable photos, her fun YouTube videos, or her sweet and gentle heart, Kristin has helped me through so much. Whether she knows it or not, she means so much to me and I know to so many other people as well. So do yourself a favor and go follow this beautiful young lady, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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