How You Know Your Mom Is Your Best Friend
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How You Know Your Mom Is Your Best Friend

It's like we are related or something.

How You Know Your Mom Is Your Best Friend
Alli Michal Huff

She is your first friend and basically the best one you will ever have. I am talking about your mom. Let's face it moms are the best friends a girl can have! Me and my mom are a dynamic duo , and I feel like we become more alike everyday. She is the only person on this earth who knows me better than I know myself. Here are some few reasons as to why my mom is my best friend .

It's one joke after another.

Seriously when you are together you cannot stop laughing. You can make each other bust out laughing with just one look, and no one gets your sense of humor like she does because she gave it to you. You know you can count on each other for comedic relief and finding the odd humor in the darkest situations. You can be a total goofball with each other because you know there is no judgment from either end, in fact you encourage each other to be silly.

You call her to tell her about everything.

Whether if it is a splinter or a new accomplishment you made like successfully doing laundry she is the first one you want to call. She has the best reactions and the greatest advice you will ever find. You know you can gossip to her about your problems because she will not tell a soul and she will know exactly how to handle it.

She is your biggest cheerleader.

She has your back no matter what. She is always there to root you on and guide you when you might make a wrong turn. She will build you up on a daily basis and will talk about how proud she is of you for the smallest things. She is your personal number one fan.

You can be your true self with her.

You do not need any filter when talking to your mom. She accepts you as you are. You can be your crazy quirky self around her. She has literally seen you at your worst and still thinks you're awesome.

You become like twins.

You look alike and basically everything about her is just transferred to you. You talk like her and dress like her. You think like her and you share her same interests.

You've got each others backs.

You take care of each other and always try to put each other first. Moms are great for being all about you and always making sure that your okay and your needs are met.

You always go to her for all kinds of advice.

You need her advice more than you need air sometimes. You know she knows what shes doing when you on the other hand cant figure anything out sometimes. She listens to all of your problems and comes up with the best way to solve them. She is full of great stories and wisdom.

She's the Thelma to your Louise.

She is the one person you always want to go on an adventure with. Your best memories are with her and she is your ride or die.

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