10 Unmistakable Signs You Live In Peoria, Arizona

Living in Peoria, Arizona you see some interesting characters and you learn some things along the way. Every town has specific things that make it unique and I can assure you that there are many things that make Peoria particularly unique.

1. People refer to it as P-town to make it sound cooler

You heard me. "P-town" has a certain ring to it but it really is not that cool. P83 is the other iconic nickname of Peoria and if you have seen this sign or been around, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

2. Toyota Tacoma? Lifted truck? You are certainly in the right place.

Not saying it's a bad truck, I mean honestly it must be a great truck because almost every guy in Peoria has one. Either that or they have a truck that is unnecessarily lifted way too high and if they don't have a truck, they have a Subaru or a decked out Nissan ready to drag race the streets (because that's the cool thing to do).

3. Most of your weekend was spent hanging out in the Dutch Bros parking lot until you found something else to do.

This has happened to me all too often. At first it's fine because you can enjoy a drink while planning out the rest of your fun weekend but before you know it, it's almost 1 am and the cops are kicking you out of the parking lot. It's okay, we have all done it.

4. First date at Dutch Bros? All too common here in P-town.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great atmosphere for a first date but not every first date.

5. The original Peorians used to hang out at Circle K instead of Dutch Bros.

Need to get gas after school? Forget about it. Every pump will already have someone there who isn't even getting gas and won't move even when you ask because it's all teenagers who do not care.

6. Vape is life.

I don't think I have seen so much vape in one town.

7. Arrowhead Mall was your favorite hang out spot in middle school even though you had no money.

Every middle schooler in Peoria has done this several times. Your parents would drop you off in the morning when it opened and then pick you up to get you food and buy clothes that you put on hold because you had no money yourself.

8. Any guy you meet either rides motocross, skateboards, or plays baseball.

You become so used to it that it's actually surprising when a guy does something else.

9. 110 degrees? That's nothing.

Arizona natives are used to the heat that it does not even phase them when it hits record highs.

10. It's the only place you can call home.

P-town is a fun place to live and there is no place like it! From the lifted trucks, motocross riders, and Dutch Bros runs all the way to the vape gods there is something here for everyone (maybe).

*This article was written in good fun, no harm meant to anyone please do not take offense.

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