Kim Kardashian Vs Taylor Swift
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Kim Kardashian Vs Taylor Swift

Kim is the reason for the teardrops on Taylor's guitar...

Kim Kardashian Vs Taylor Swift

Well, if you hated her before, you may find a reason to respect her, or at least stand her, now.

Just in case you missed what’s been all over the media lately, Kim Kardashian finally released the tape that she’s been claiming to have, revealing Taylor Swift granting Kanye West permission to use the lyrics he wrote about her in his song ‘Famous.’ The lyrics are provocative, but hey, Taylor said it was fine. They read: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ Why? I made that b*tch famous.” Clearly implying that he gave Taylor’s career a boost back in 2009 when he famously interrupted her speech at the VMA’s. Fast forward to earlier this month – people seemed to be getting sick of Taylor’s victimized demeanor after she very publicly split from Calvin Harris and immediately started a relationship with Tom Hiddleston. I know – a lot to take in, but hold on… there’s a lot more.

Point is, people started to question Taylor Swift as a person. Rewind a couple of months back, Kanye’s album drop, including the song ‘Famous,’ which Taylor fires back to, claiming she never knew anything about the lyrics he was using, and that she was angry that Kanye took credit for her success. Then, Kim Kardashian announces that she has evidence in a video that Taylor Swift gave Kanye permission to use the lyrics he wrote. At this point, fans begin forming teams in support of Kim and Kanye, or Taylor, mostly calling Kim a liar and saying that she was only trying to scare T-Swift. Now, finally, we are up to date. This past week, Kim surprises everyone, and puts the evidence on Snapchat! Guess what? Taylor still tried to deny it through a long post she took to her social media platforms. If you want more detail than what I’ve provided, click here.

So, if you were wondering, I’m Team Kimye. Not because I can’t stand Taylor Swift, because I really can’t, but because Kim has proven herself to be something other than what society paints her to be: A drama queen. Not only did Kim stand up for herself and her husband, she finally put an end to Taylor’s B.S. that I know people, other than myself, can see right through. I just don’t fully understand why Taylor would create such drama, knowing the words that came out of her own mouth. To me, it seems like she wanted people to turn on Kim and Kanye. Perhaps as some kind of revenge for what Kanye did to her in 2009, or, maybe she needed some new inspo for a new song. Side note: I would not mess with a couple who is more powerful than me. Take a step back Taytay.

Something else that bothers me is that Taylor can write as many songs as she wants about every relationship she’s ever been in, and I’m positive she never asked one of those men for permission to bash him in a song. Meanwhile, Kanye went out of his way to personally call her and ask if it’s okay to mention her in his song – and he read her the lyrics. I could not name another rapper who would do the same.

Essentially, Taylor is getting what she deserves. She’s finally getting noticed for the shady young gal that she is. Including this whole Calvin Harris breakup nonsense. I mean really? She starts dating someone else within days of the breakup. Not to mention, she dated a dozen men the year before she was canoodling with Calvin Harris. Yet, no one says anything because she’s got this America’s Sweetheart persona, but Miley Cyrus is put to shame for the way she acts and dresses, even though she’s been involved with Liam Hemsworth for the past few years.

So, everyone can maybe take a break from hating Kim because she just became a hero to many, as per the Twitter hashtag that was trending the night Kim exposed Taylor, #KimExposedTaylorParty. So many celebrities and non-Kim lovers were tweeting at Kim, telling her that she’s amazing and thanking her. A-list celebrities, including Demi Lovato, Khloe Kardashian (obvi), Chris Brown, and Zendaya have publicly taken Kim’s side, while a few others, like Chloe Grace Mortez and Selena Gomez took Taylor’s side. The rest of her squad knew Kim was right, so they just kept hush.

Basically, I’m overjoyed that Kim put Taylor in her place. T-Swift just gets away with too much, and I’m glad people have started to realize it.

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