KidSuper: The Artist Taking Over Pop Culture
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KidSuper: The Artist Taking Over Pop Culture

An introduction to the Brooklyn artist, fashion designer, and businessman that is taking his ideas international.

KidSuper: The Artist Taking Over Pop Culture

If you've heard the pop-rap song "iSpy," then you know the rapper Kyle. I've been listening to Kyle since middle school and a few years ago I discovered the art of a member of his crew named Brick. Brick is an all-around creative, from taking photos to making beats to everything in between, and just after following him on Instagram I noticed him shouting out another creative named Colm Dillane, known professionally as KidSuper.

After doing some research on my own, I immediately fell in love with the idea behind the KidSuper brand. After being expelled from NYU for running his clothing business out of his dorm, Dillane established the KidSuper headquarters in a three-story building in Brooklyn. The building is painted light blue with a ground floor garage that has his logo on it. The KidSuper headquarters isn't just a store as one might think it to be, it's a place of all artistic work and collaboration. From graphic designer Foda to in-house music producer Take a Daytrip (producer of the ever-famous "Mo Bamba") to the immensely popular musical acts Russ and Lolo Zouai, Dillane quickly established KidSuper not as a fashion company, but as a creative company. KidSuper Records, KidSuper Football Club, KidSuper Adventure Program, and more all fall under the jurisdiction of Dillane's brand.

This isn't all that Dillane has done though; he isn't just a man who brings creatives together, he is a creative himself. The KidSuper brand truly started in high school when Dillane started selling t-shirts to his friends. From Canadian tuxedos to full ski suits to a ski goggle collaboration with the A$AP squad, the clothing brand alone is nothing short of diverse. There are also a number of KidSuper videos on Youtube that he has used to publicize and explain his brand. Additionally, here are some photos of the inside of the KidSuper headquarters. The building was painted entirely by Dillane, and he even sells a lot of the visual art that he creates.

Two of my favorite things about Colm Dillane are his willingness to try anything and everything and his down to earth and drop-dead funny personality. If you've seen the music video for Russ' song "Cherry Hill," then you're familiar with the beautiful claymation used in it. That video was conceived and created by Dillane and his team, and this was the first time that Dillane had done anything in this style. Additionally, the KidSuper account has become quite iconic on Instagram, as Dillane is constantly showing off his funny, personable self through his random skits and hilarious stories.

I've been talking to KidSuper over Instagram for a while, and last summer while I was in New York visiting family I stopped at his shop in Brooklyn. I was so amazed that the most intense creative energy in the world could come from this one, blue, skinny three-story building, but that's because Dillane recognizes that he doesn't need to show off to be successful, an idea that I really appreciate. Although I didn't quite get the opportunity to meet Dillane, I know he made the effort to reach out to me, and I could not appreciate that more.

Despite not getting enough recognition for all that he has done, Dillane is the epitome of creative energy in the 21st century, and he continues to make moves in his business.

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