Celebrities' children have started to become fashion icons in the past few years. With them being dressed in head-to-toe designer, it seems more like they're headed to a runway than to a daycare. When kids like North West step out in all Givenchy, no one really has anything to say other than the child is a "style icon."

However, when other celebrity kids are seen wearing costumes or clothes that "aren't meant for them" it seems as if the world is ending. Take, for example, Megan Fox's kids. one of her sons was photographed in an Elsa dress and the internet kind of lost it.

Megan Fox and two of her sons.

Most people were praising Fox for not forcing gender roles on her children and allowing them to dress as they please. But, with anything on the internet, some people hated it. There was a whole thread of tweets littered with things like "if my son were ever to dress like this, I would kick him out of my house." For some reason, people tend to think that "not enforcing gender roles" is the same as "forcing your child to be gay."

From the picture of Megan Fox's kids, you can tell quite easily that she allows them to dress however they please, as the outfits look like something I would have put together when I was a kid.

Now I'm not saying that North West doesn't want to wear what she has on, but, considering that she has a stylist and a father that owns his own clothing company, there is a slight chance that not all of her outfits are her own choosing.

There has, however, always been a big issue with children wearing clothes that "aren't meant for them." This exceeds past boys in dresses and branches into the clothes marketed to kids. Girl shirts tend to lean more towards pink and sparkles whereas boy shirts are darker with trucks on them. When it comes to clothes from franchises like Disney or Marvel, girls clothes are limited to the few female superheroes or shirts that say "Spiderman is my boyfriends." On the other hand, boys shirts feature only male superheroes.

This strongly enforces false narratives on children that, just because they're a boy, they can't like pink or female superheroes and, just because they're a girl, they can't like trucks or want to be Spiderman.

As a kid, I used to wear boy's shorts and t-shirts, and even now I own clothing from the men's department. My parents never told me that it was wrong for me to shop in the boy's department because it isn't. When we tell kids that there are things that are off-limits to them because of their gender, they gain the mindset that is more than outdated. Girls start to think that careers like engineering or construction are off-limits, boys start to think that they shouldn't want to raise children. We start to mess with the minds of children.

Just let kids dress the way they want. If that means wearing a costume 6 days a week, or a suit, or a little boy wearing a skirt. Just let kids be kids and don't force non-existent rules on them.