The countdown to the end of school is started and you girls are so excited. Can you believe it we're on our fourth summer together? I sit and think back and think of how little you were and now you're so much more mature. Our times together have provided for many cherished memories, and we've both learned so much in our time together.

You might have learned how to load the dishwasher, make strawberry shortcakes or even plunge a toilet from our time together. But you weren't the only one learning anything; I was learning too. You girls taught me that no matter what happens in life, a good belly laugh can solve anything. Or that words are just words and will not break you. How did I get so lucky to watch such kind-hearted girls?

I really do treasure our days together. Either we spend our days running around town, going on adventures or running from activity to activity laughing and having a great time. Our countless times we visit Target, and you guys have to get the cart you can ride in and explode into a pool of giggles because I can barely push you through the aisles without crashing into anything.

So here's to the smart, beautiful, silly girls I get the pleasure of being their nanny. I really love you girls with every being of my heart and I admire at the great people you are growing up and becoming. Here's to many more days together filled with laughter and adventure!